5 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare For Your Summer Vacation


While a vacation is meant to be a stress-free retreat away from our daily responsibilities, planning and preparing for a vacation is usually far from relaxing. However, the key to a successful summer trip often lies in the planning stages. By following these few crucial planning steps a few weeks ahead of summer vacation, you will be both physically and mentally prepared to enjoy your time off with those closest to you!

Make a List, Check it Twice

Every great vacation actually begins weeks ahead of time, in the planning stages. And every great planner makes a clear-cut to-do list of the things they need to do and the things they need to purchase about two weeks before you leave. Having these items on your radar will ensure an easy transition into every step of preparing for your vacation.

Check Prescriptions

You want to make sure you have enough medication to not only last through vacation, but enough to last at least a week after you return as well. A travel pill box with designated compartments for each day of the week will make staying on top of taking your medication easy and hassle-free. However, all of your prescription drugs should be packed in their original containers, serving as proof that the medication is legally prescribed to you. Once you reach your final destination you can divide up the pills and place them into their correct day of the week slot.

Establish Your Vacation Beauty Routine

Tempted to pack your entire makeup bag? Most people tend to overpack when heading out of town (it’s called the “just in case” syndrome). We bring every beauty product we own in fear that we just might need it, when in fact, we really don’t.

Instead, narrow down your list of must-have beauty products and establish your vacation beauty routine to make packing a breeze. No matter where you are going, the beauty staples below will have you looking and feeling your best all vacation long.

  • A lightly tinted BBCC cream (bonus if it contains SPF.)

  • Your favorite cream or powder blush.

  • Concealer for on-the-go spot treatments.

  • Mascara to brighten your eyes.

  • And a revitalizing face mask to be used every night.

Prepare Your Body

Vacations can serve two purposes. Some people go away to relax, recharge, and unwind, while others like to get away to explore, go on adventures, and partake in as many activities as they can. If your vacation will include more of the latter, you want to prepare your body as best as you can so you can enjoy each adventure to the fullest. Try these fitness activities right in the comfort of your own home in the few weeks leading up to your vacation.

  • A stamina rower is a great low-impact cardiovascular exercise that will help condition you for any physical activity you may encounter. The smooth motion of the rower tones, strengthens, and builds endurance with varying levels of resistance which is perfect for people of all levels.

  • The benefits of Pilates can not be understated when it comes to improving and stabilizing your health. If you’re interested in learning more about pilates and increasing your strength, a Pilates band will do the trick. This lightweight resistance band has various exercises printed right on it for easy access while working out. What’s more, Pilates bands are lightweight and compact so they can travel right along with you on vacation.

  • For those who have a tough time squeezing in a workout at home, you can still get your heart rate at the office or anywhere else for that matter with a POP fitness cycle. Simply place the cycle on the floor in front of your favorite chair to start toning calves, thighs, hamstrings, and glutes.

Perform these exercises a couple times a week leading up to your vacation and your body will be toned and ready for any adventure thrown your way!

Start Packing

Just the thought of packing sends some people into a whirlwind of stress. “I know I am going to forget something, I don’t think I packed enough, Maybe I overpacked.” These are just a couple of thoughts that run through our minds ahead of a big trip. Packing doesn’t have to be stressful though with these handy tips.

  • If your trip requires a ride in an airplane you want to make sure the flight, whether long or short, is comfortable. Consider packing a carry-on with all your airplane essentials like a blanket, book, tablet, and any other comfort items that will keep you content a day or two before take off. We have found bringing a cervical collar works wonders for a stiff neck, a heating pad or back pain belt is extra soothing for lower back pain, and compression socks are great for reducing swelling and increasing leg circulation.

  • If your trip is going to require a lot of walking you want to make sure your feet are well taken care of by packing a good pair of Propet® shoes plus massaging insoles for extra comfort. Massaging insoles are a great investment as they provide the right amount of acupressure and magnetic therapy to improve circulation and promote foot health.

  • Along with packing all of your medications, it doesn’t hurt to bring any other medical devices you may need while away from home. If you experience high blood pressure it’s a good idea to pack a blood pressure monitor to make sure your health stays on track while you are having fun.

These are just a few packing tips that will help you get started. The essential items listed above will not only keep you comfortable for the duration of your vacation, but healthy, too.

Don’t let your vacation overwhelm you before it even begins. With the right preparations in place, and this handy list from Wise & Well, you will be ready for whatever your trip has in store for you!

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