Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution: Get In Shape for 2019


Getting in shape may be the most popular New Year’s resolution out there. That’s why gyms are packed in January! But what if you don’t like going to the gym? What if you prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home? That’s when you need to find helpful products to support your fitness journey.

Walk With Confidence

Walking may just be the best exercise out there. It’s easy to do, it’s gentle on the joints, and it doesn’t cost one penny! Even if you’re busy, you can squeeze in a walk during your lunch break.

You can always trust Propet® shoes to keep you on your feet! The Propet® One LT offers traction, durability, and comfort. This stylish sneaker is made with precision knit seamless mesh fabric, double insoles, and OrthoLite™ rebound foam. You’ll also feel ultra-comfy in the Propet® TravelActiv Lace Up. This shoe’s lightweight TravelTek™ outsole provides both durability and traction.

When you go out for a stroll around the neighborhood, don’t forget to bring your Nordic Walking Poles. These lightweight walking poles can help you burn calories up to 45% faster than usual. They work your shoulders, arms, and back muscles while relieving stress on your joints.

Work Out At Home

You can get a full body workout when you buy these fitness products online at Wise & Well!

Stamina® Rower

With one smooth and natural rowing motion, you can tone your core, arms, legs, and back without straining your joints. The Stamina® Rower has five levels of resistance, so you always feel challenged!

Deluxe Exercise Bike

You can exercise your upper and lower body while sitting in your favorite chair! Track your progress on the Deluxe Exercise Bike’s LCD display, and adjust the bike’s tension control to customize your workout.

Instride POP Fitness Cycle

Want to exercise at the office, in your living room, or at the dining room table? The Instride POP Fitness Cycle makes it easy to work out no matter where you are.

Flexcore 8

Are you ready to lose weight while building muscle? The Flexcore 8 combines strength training with calorie-blasting cardio to help you get in shape at home.

Toning Exercise Ring

You won’t believe how simple it is to tone your upper and lower body with the Toning Exercise Ring. Grab the padded handles, then push inward. That's it!

Lose Weight Naturally

You can find many natural remedies for sale online at Wise & Well that will help you lose weight. For example, Forskolin Fat Loss Drops can help to burn fat and suppress appetite. These drops include the root of forskolin, a plant in the mint family that is known for its weight loss properties. You can also replace your morning cup of coffee with Oolong Slimming Tea. This delicious tea is made with a blend of natural herbs and botanicals — and it tastes like raspberry!

Keep An Eye On Your Health

While you get in shape this year, track your progress with the Vivitar® Bluetooth Activity Tracker. This wireless device keeps track of your steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep quality. It also wirelessly syncs to your mobile device.

2019 Is Your Year!

As you work toward your New Year's resolution, don’t forget to check out more helpful, healthy items available at Wise & Well!

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