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Dealing with a condition that causes you chronic pain can drastically change the way you live your life. Tasks that used to be easy to you may now present more of challenge and activities that used to be fun now feel like more of a job. But with the help of a few lifestyle changes and pain relief products from Wise & Well, you can be on your way to doing what you love again.

Whether you love going hiking or just want to have a pain-free night of sleep again, we have just what you need to bring your body the relief it's been searching for.

Travel with Ease

Let’s face it, sometimes sitting just hurts. Whether you travel for work or pleasure, sitting for long periods of time can put intense pressure on the muscles and joints of the back. The Miracle Bamboo® Cushion makes sitting-related pain a thing of the past by allowing you to transform any chair into the most comfortable seat in a room.

Unlike other seat cushions, this portable cushion is made from high-density orthopedic foam that won’t flatten out. With a convenient handle, you can easily take your cushion to work, on vacation, or anywhere else you’ll need a comfy seat.

Get Up & Get Active

Staying active and maintaining a healthy diet are two of the easiest ways to ensure that our bodies are in the best shape possible. But if you are living with chronic pain, doing the physical activities you love may be easier said than done. If you’re looking to regain your active lifestyle, then the Incrediwear® Knee Sleeve may be just what you’ve been looking for. Made from therapeutic fabric, this knee sleeve works to dramatically increase blood flow and help reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness during physical activities.

If you find that you are experiencing a bit of tenderness after your fitness session, just chill, peel, and stick on one of our PainCakes™ for a dose of instant cold therapy!

Sleep In Peace & Comfort

While most people buy sleep aids online to help fall asleep faster, not many people consider how their bodies will feel once the sleep aid has worn off. The best way to find pain relief that lasts through the night is to plan ahead and attack pain at its source before you fall asleep. With the help of a Memory Foam Knee Pillow, you can align your lower body in a way that relieves pressure on your back, hips, and knees before you fall asleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Looking for a way to unwind and relax your body before you hit the sheets? The DR-HO'S Neck Therapy Pro is a clinically proven, drug-free method for pain relief that can relax and ease the tension in the muscles of your neck and shoulders in as little as 20 minutes. With four built-in high-tech fabric pain relief electrodes and three massage modes, you’ll be back to having a great night’s sleep in no time!

Put the Pep Back In Your Step

Instead of using your foot pain as a reason to stay home, why not use it as motivation to get back to doing what you love most? Put the pep back into your step with the help of Incrediwear® Circulation Socks and Gel Toe Straighteners. Whether your foot pain comes from a lack of circulation or poorly aligned toes, these two pain relief products can help you take control of your life by improving the overall health of your feet.

Find the Pain Relief You Need at Wise & Well

Whether you have chronic back pain or sore feet, Wise & Well has just what you need to live a healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

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