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Clear As Day, Every Day: Buy Eye Care Products from Wise & Well

Wise & Well is pleased to offer men and women a wide variety of eye care products for sale, ranging from slim-framed reading glasses to sunglasses designed to fit comfortably over your regular prescription frames. At Wise & Well, we’re passionate about our customers’ health, which is why each and every one of the products in our catalogue is selected with your style, comfort, and well-being in mind.

Customers can purchase eye care products for sale from Wise & Well; for example, a handy eye drop guide to make eye drop application easier, or eye solution that helps to combat dry and blurry eyes! All of our products use safe, tested formulas. 

Readers: A Wise & Well Buying Guide
Selecting the appropriate pair of readers can be hard, but not when you shop at Wise & Well. Men and women looking to buy eye care products for themselves, relatives, or friends, will find plenty of different styles and lens strengths to suit their needs.

If you are unsure how to go about purchasing your first pair of readers, Wise & Well has created an easy three step process to help you along the way: 

Select Strength
Reading glasses strengths start at +1.00 and go up to +6.00. If you’re buying your first pair of readers for yourself, you can download a diopter chart to help you diagnose which strength you need. Otherwise, check the inside of your current frames to see which power you currently use.

The hardest part of buying readers as a gift is finding out the giftee’s prescription. In that case, see if you can slyly check their current pair of readers. The power is most likely written on the inside of the frame.  

Find a Frame
After determining strength, you’ll want to buy an eye care product with the right frame. Currently, Wise & Well offers very lightweight slim frames and medium sized frames with fun geometric designs! If you’re buying them as a gift, our best advice is to buy a frame that is similar to the last set of readers owned by the person you are buying for. The same rule will typically apply to yourself, as well, but don’t be afraid to try something new. With our hassle-free shipping and returns, you have nothing to lose.

Style and Personality
The last step in buying your eye care product is to select the right style for your personality. Whether you simply have to have your favorite color, or you prefer fun designs and prints, picking out the style and design of your new readers is always the best part!

Our Promise to You   
When you order from Wise & Well, you can order with confidence, because if you are not satisfied for any reason we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Whether you want a replacement of the same item or your money back, Wise & Well provides convenient refunds — no questions asked.

Are you ready to start feeling better, looking better, and living better? From eye readers to joint supplements we have everything you need to live your best life. Get your energy back, move more easily, enjoy a good night’s sleep, and most importantly, live life to your fullest potential with Wise & Well at your side.

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