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Pain Relief

Live Life Comfortably: Find Pain Relief Aids for Sale at Wise & Well

You’re unstoppable. Whatever life throws your way, you’re ready to tackle it head-on. With our vast selection of pain relief products, you can make sure that you’re always up for the challenge. Power through your day with just a little help from the right products to support your active lifestyle.

For Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain

Have you been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders recently? Take some of that strain off with our products aimed at relieving back, shoulder, and neck pain. For stiffness in the neck, try a magnetic neck wrap. The design of this item surrounds uses magnetic therapy to stimulate circulation, easing pain and relaxing the muscles. Want to breathe a little easier while providing support to your back and neck? You can buy a backcare product like our Magnetic Posture Corrector, which is discreet and comfortable enough to wear under clothing. Some of our other pain relief aids for sale for your back, neck, and shoulders include:

  • Magnetic Therapy Pad
  • A Variety of Back Supports
  • Magnetic Shoulder Support
  • Cushions for Support
  • Extra Large Heating Pad
  • For Knee and Leg Pain

Your legs carry you wherever you need to go — and that’s a lot of work! Give your legs and knees the support they deserve so that you can keep on going. We have a variety of comfortable, flexible knee supports that can be worn under your clothes. Soothe your aching muscles after a vigorous walk and increase circulation in your thighs, calves and feet with the air compression leg wrap. Find an array of pain relief aids for sale to support your legs and knees at Wise & Well.

For Foot Pain

Take pressure off of your feet when you buy foot care products from Wise & Well. In this collection, we offer the Hammer Toe Crutch set which relieves pressure from bent toe tips. This item also protects the top of the toes with its stretchy gel construction. Plus, you’ll find products to support your heels and relieve aching for those days when you’re constantly on your feet. Check out our selection of pain relief aids online for your feet:

  • Diabetic Socks
  • Bunion Relief
  • Ball of Foot Wraps
  • Toe Care Products
  • Foot Pain Relief Creams
  • And More!

For Hand and Wrist Pain

Whether it’s work or a hobby, your hands are busy! Sometimes, having a little extra support can help you to keep doing more. Relieve carpal tunnel symptoms with a comfortable sleeve, or try a stylish bracelet that uses magnetic therapy. Some studies suggest that magnets can reduce pain and improve blood flow. For more relief for your hands and wrists, try:

  • Magnetic Bracelets
  • Arthritis Compression Gloves
  • Hand Exercisers
  • Carpal Tunnel Help

Supplements and Creams

We also carry a number of different creams and supplements for when you need that extra boost. These can be a good alternative to traditional pain medicines.

When you need a little extra support to keep up with your active lifestyle, check out all of the pain relief aids we offer online.

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