Adjustable Height Gel Inserts - B1718
Adjustable Height Gel Inserts - B1718

Adjustable Height Gel Inserts


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CUSTOM COMFORT AND HEIGHT. These multi-functional gel inserts allow you to build your own comfort and height. Ideal for anyone with one leg shorter than the other, the interlocking heel supports let you adjust the height of each insole. Different leg lengths can aggravate sciatica and hip or knee pain. Also great for heel pain or for anyone who simply wants to look taller. Set of 8 inserts adjust from .25” to 1.25”.

Adjustable Height Gel Inserts

One of the most common causes of hip and back pain is Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD): the condition of having one leg shorter than the other. Even a seemingly minor leg length discrepancy of a few millimeters can cause serious issues with one’s posture and gait. Over time, leg length discrepancy can result in soreness in the hips, back, knees, or ankles, and ultimately cause even more severe maladies such as functional scoliosis and aggravated sciatica.

Leg length discrepancy itself can be caused by issues such as poor alignment of the pelvis, overly-tense leg muscles in one of the legs, or an actual structural difference between the two legs.

Adjustable Height Gel Inserts from Wise & Well

Depending on the cause of your leg length discrepancy, a physical therapist may recommend that you wear shoe inserts to alleviate some of the pain and symptoms you may be experiencing. Wise & Well’s Adjustable Height Gel Inserts are firm yet comfortable, and come with interlocking heel supports that allow you to adjust the height of each insole according to your needs.

Coming with eight sets of inserts that adjust from .25” to 1.25”, our Adjustable Height Gel Inserts may be just what you need to help relieve the symptoms of leg length discrepancy.

Keep in mind that Wise & Well’s Adjustable Height Gel Inserts should always be used in consultation with a physical therapist. The lifts and adjustments needed will vary from one individual to another, and the advice of a professional is necessary to prevent further strain or injury due to improper use.

Wise & Well brings together all of the best products to help make your life a little easier. Questions about Wise & Well’s Adjustable Height Gel Inserts? If so, be sure to contact Wise & Well today by calling us at 1-800-484-0288.

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