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FALL ASLEEP NATURALLY.    Berry Sleepy® blends three proven sleep-inducing superfruits to create a healthy, all-natural way to relax and fall into a deep, restful sleep. Passion fruit relaxes the mind and promotes a feeling of calm. Goji berries helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. Tart cherries contain the optimal level of natural melatonin to help improve sleep duration and quality. Also includes the added benefit of 500 mg of prebiotics! Doctor-recommended, non-addictive and drug-free. 60 capsules. 

Testimonial: “Before taking Berry Sleepy I was consistently waking up at least two to four times a night. When the alarm would finally go off, I was often groggy and felt that I received little rest. That all changed when I began taking Berry Sleepy... I sleep through the night until my alarm goes off. Upon waking, I feel energized and not the least bit groggy. This stuff is great and I recommend it highly!" -- Chris

Fall Asleep Naturally with Berry Sleepy®

After a hard day’s work, it can be frustrating when you begin to settle down for the night and find yourself unable to fall asleep quickly. Even worse, you may even have difficulty staying asleep during the night entirely, and struggle with constant tossing and turning.

Although you can find all kinds of slumber-inducing medications out there, such products frequently leave you feeling extremely drowsy when you awake in the morning. With Berry Sleepy® from Wise & Well, you can get a good night’s rest without the extra side effects.

Get the Sleep Your Body Needs

Unlike artificial sleep medications, Berry Sleepy® works its magic using natural ingredients to induce a comfortable and natural sleep. The secret is its combination of different fruit and botanical ingredients: goji berries, tart cherries, passion fruit, and valerian, each of which produces its own unique effect. Goji berries and valerian are known to help facilitate falling asleep quickly, while tart cherries are famed for their ability to increase melatonin levels to enhance sleep quality and duration. Finally, passion fruit serves to relax and calm your mind, giving Berry Sleepy® the power to produce a well-rounded nighttime sleep experience.

Berry Sleepy® also comes with the added benefit of prebiotics, and is doctor-recommended, non-addictive, and drug-free!

Enhance Your Sleep Experience Today

Don’t wait to start catching up on the sleep you want! Order your Berry Sleepy® online from Wise & Well today!

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