Campbell Handle™ Walking Cane - F2039
Campbell Handle™ Walking Cane - F2039

Campbell Handle™ Walking Cane




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WALK TALL AND CONFIDENTLY. Traditional canes tend to make you lean over, looking toward the ground and putting stress on your shoulder, arm and wrist. This ingenious walking cane allows you to walk more erect, changing your line of sight so you look forward instead of down. The ergonomic design of the Campbell Handle™ also helps take pressure off your shoulder and wrist. Rubber rocker tip puts less stress on joints while providing stability and traction. Aluminum shaft, ABS handle. Adjustable height from 37” to 46”. 

Testimonial: “I recommend Campbell Canes to several of my patients because you can drastically see someone’s posture improve while using this walking stick. By supporting the strength of the body using biomechanical engineering, Campbell Canes can help you move easier, feel less pain, and continuously promote good posture.” Dr. R. Stinson, DC

Campbell Handle™ Walking Cane

Many factors can cause problems with walking and mobility. However, whatever the reason may be, many of those who struggle with walking are nonetheless resistant to using a cane.

Frequently, this is because most walking canes tend to force their users to stoop. Not only is this bad for someone’s posture, but it can have the effect of making those who walk with canes look fragile and older than they really are.

That’s where the Campbell Handle™ Walking Cane comes in. Unlike more traditional canes, the Campbell Handle™ Walking Cane does not make you lean forward. Instead, its ingenious design takes the pressure off your arm and wrist and allows you to look straight ahead and walk erectly and comfortably.

The Campbell Handle™ Walking Cane is tipped with a rubber rocker that provides you with more stability and traction as you walk and further prevents you from leaning too heavily. With an adjustable height ranging from 37” to 46”, the Campbell Handle™ Walking Cane is manufactured from sturdy, durable aluminum and comes with an ABS handle.

Wise & Well is dedicated to providing you with the items you need to make life easier. Interested in learning more about the Campbell Handle™ Walking Cane and everything else Wise & Well has to offer? Don’t hesitate to reach out and call us today at 1-800-484-0288!


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  1. star star star star star 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Really makes a difference

    My PT told me I should really use a walking stick. This shape is a compromise- and it’s terrific. No matter how I set the height, I was leaning on my cane but I don’t lean with this one. My balance is much better and my body is aligned, so less pain all over. I seriously recommend this cane.

  2. star star star star star 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Really helped my recovery

    Over a recent period of 3 years I had both hips replaced and a femur broken in 3 places. I live alone in a rural area, so had to focus on becoming independent again very quickly and without much access to physiotherapists. I had "regular" canes, but they didn't help with balance or keep me upright (also have a generously endowed chest!), and the Campbell Cane was a godsend. REALLY assists with balance and fall prevention, and aids in good posture. Also attractive and comfortable in my hand (where I have quite a bit of osteoarthritis). My orthopedic surgeon was greatly impressed! Most importantly, it hastened recovery time and good posture and walking. Can't say enough good about it!

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