Deluxe Silicone Bath Brush - E2069
Deluxe Silicone Bath Brush - E2069

Deluxe Silicone Bath Brush




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PERFECT FOR REACHING THAT HARD TO REACH SPOT! Anyone with limited flexibility will love the long reach of this Silicone Bath Brush. The extra-long 16” handle lets you effortlessly suds your back and feet without straining or bending over. Bristles are easy to clean and gentle even against your most sensitive skin. Built-in lanyard makes it handy to hang.


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    Keep looking for a better bath brush

    I had high hopes for this bath brush. This is the list of everything wrong with this brush: Silicone head would need to be removed to dry out after each use because water gets underneath; it takes effort to get it back on: high maintainence. Brush is heavy & handle is slick when wet: hard to maneuver & keep a grip on. Brush is not ergonomically designed: needs more of a curve. All of this adds up to a brush that just doesn't work. Makes me wonder if the company did a prototype and tested it with real people. Looks like an opportunity for someone to build a better brush.

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