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KEEP TEETH CLEAN AND FRESH. DentaPicks™ are portable, hygienic, disposable tooth cleaners that let you easily remove food from between teeth. The pointed end helps dislodge food particles while its scored surface helps remove plaque. The soft brush on the other end sweeps away food and massages gums. Mint flavored. 300 picks in handy storage container.

DentaPicks™ for Your Cleanest, Freshest Breath Yet

DentaPicks™ from Wise & Well are small and compact plastic toothpicks that work as both a dental pick and mini toothbrush. Each pick comes pre-flavored with a fresh minty taste and can be disposed of after use. The pointed end has a scored surface which works great at chiseling away plaque buildup, and the soft brush end sweeps away food particles while massaging the gums at the same time. If you’re looking to amp up your dental hygiene routine, DentaPicks™ is a must-buy!

Dental Hygiene on the Go

We all lead busy lives, and as a result of that, our personal hygiene sometimes suffers. We should always make time to take care of our teeth. DentaPicks™ makes it easy to practice dental hygiene on the go due to their small, convenient, and effective design. DentaPicks™ will fit perfectly in a purse, clutch, fanny pack, briefcase, or pants pocket! Wherever you go, you can take your dental hygiene with you.

Benefits of Dental Picks

You only get one set of permanent teeth, so it’s essential to take care of them with brushing, flossing, and picking. A lot of people forego the picking, but it’s a necessary step if you want to maintain optimal dental health. Some benefits of DentaPicks™ include:

  • Easily reaches to the back molars.

  • Will not break while in use (as compared to a toothpick).

  • Effective at removing plaque.

Enjoy fresh, minty breath, and squeaky clean plaque-free teeth when you purchase DentaPicks™ from Wise & Well today.

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