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EXTRA WIDE SOCKS FOR SUPERIOR COMFORT. Do swollen feet, poor circulation or edema make it difficult to wear socks? Extra Wide Medical Socks are knitted wider in the foot, ankle and leg to make wearing socks comfortable again. The non-constricting knit stretches up to 25” while retaining their shape. Inverted toe seam for a seam-free feel. Cotton/nylon/spandex. Machine wash and dry. One pair. Specify color on order.

Always Feel Comfortable in Our Extra Wide Medical Socks

Are you tired of squeezing into tight, uncomfortable socks? Our Extra Wide Medical Socks are specially designed to fit every foot comfortably. If you have poor circulation, edema, or swollen feet — or if your feet are just a little wider than average — then these socks may be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Why Are These Medical Socks So Comfortable?

Our Extra Wide Medical Socks are knitted for a wider fit around the foot, ankle, and leg. They also have an inverted toe seam — a seam that is placed outside of the sock — for a seam-free feel. They are available in multiple sizes so that you can choose the best match for your needs.

These Socks Are Super-Stretchy

These Extra Wide Medical Socks will stretch and stretch for up to 25 inches — but they’ll never stretch out. They are built to retain their shape no matter how much you stretch them, and they will stay in place without constricting your legs.

Wear Them Anywhere

You won’t want to take off these soft, stretchy socks. Fortunately, they feature a simple design that works well in both formal and casual situations. Whether you need a pair of socks for the office or for lounging around the house, our Extra Wide Medical Socks will be the right fit for your needs!

Buy These Socks for a Loved One

Do you know someone whose feet don’t fit quite right in regular socks? Give them the gift of comfort! When the holidays arrive, your loved one might request another pair so they can wear Extra Wide Medical Socks every day. Order now!

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