Foot Alignment Socks - C1764
Foot Alignment Socks - C1764

Foot Alignment Socks


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1765 - Color: White (acrylic/poly/elastane)

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FOOT ALIGNMENT SOCKS. These Foot Alignment Socks gently separate, stretch and align your toes, helping to ease the pain of bunions, hammertoes, crooked toes and more. Simply slip on these soft, comfy socks to help support your toes in the proper position and help improve flexibility. Fits women’s shoe sizes 7–9. Machine washable. Imported. 

 Testimonial: “I was amazed how well these socks worked! I have bunions and my husband has terribly painful hammertoes. I bought us each a pair. I started wearing mine first to see if they really worked. My bunion does not hurt all the time but when that nerve gets pinched I slip on my Happy Feet socks and voila it's like a miracle. My husband saw mine and asked what in the world they were. When I told him and said I had bought him a pair as well he was ready to try them. He has worn them frequently ever since when he has had a long day at work. He says they help a lot!” – Brenda P.

Support Your Feet and Toes with Foot Alignment Socks

We rely on our feet to carry us through our days. But what happens when heel pain, hammertoes, Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, or achy feet make walking uncomfortable? You can restore your feet to their natural position and relieve unwanted pain with a pair of Foot Alignment Socks! These socks fit women’s shoe sizes 7 to 9, and they are machine-washable.

How Do Foot Alignment Socks Work?

These Foot Alignment Socks have spacers that fit between the toes, gently moving them to a natural position that helps to alleviate foot pain. At first, the dividers will be placed at the tip of your toes. As your flexibility improves, however, you can slide the dividers further down your toes where they will offer maximum benefits and comfort.

Could You Benefit from a Pair of Foot Alignment Socks?

These socks are a lifesaver for women who spend all day on their feet. In particular, we recommend them for:

  • Athletes

  • Nurses

  • Teachers

  • Factory Workers

  • Hairdressers

Start Your Journey Toward Happier Feet

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