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NO MORE BENDING OR BALANCING TO CLEAN YOUR FEET. This innovative device is designed to clean the top and bottom of your feet and between your toes with one easy back and forth motion. Suction cups keep it firmly attached to the shower floor. Great if you have difficulty reaching your feet, the Footscrubber Sandal makes it easy to maintain excellent foot hygiene. Plastic.

Footscrubber Sandal: Squeaky Clean Feet in One Swift Motion

Do you have a hard time bending over? Maybe your balance isn’t what it used to be. The shower can be a particularly dangerous location, especially when it comes to reaching down to wash your feet. Well, fear not, because Wise & Well has a new and innovative product that will have your feet feeling clean and refreshed with no bending or balancing act needed!

The Footscrubber Sandal is a new and innovative device that is designed to clean the tops and bottoms of your feet as well as between your toes with one simple motion. The attached suction cups keep the device firmly secured to the shower floor. For those that have difficulty reaching their feet in the shower, the Footscrubber Sandal makes it easy.

Product Description

The Footscrubber Sandal uses one swift sliding motion to clean the entire foot, and that includes in-between the toes, the arch, the heel, sides, and the top of the foot. The bristles offer just the right amount of roughness to give feet the deepest clean, while also remaining very comfortable for the user. The Footscrubber Sandal firmly affixes to the bottom of your shower and will not move unless you want to remove the device.

You will find that the Footscrubber Sandal will become an essential part of your daily hygiene routine after just one use. What’s more, some customers have found that the Footscrubber Sandal also helps relieve heel pain, arch pain, and pain in the balls of the feet.

The feet are the body’s foundation, and if not taken care of, the entire body could be affected. Give your feet a little TLC and purchase the Footscrubber Sandal from Wise & Well today!

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