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THE MOST POWERFUL NAIL FUNGUS KILLER Funginix® is the single best combination of anti-fungal agents, essential oils, and fungus-fighting extracts to eliminate fungal infections on your fingers and toes. Only maximum strength Funginix® has been thoroughly tested to ensure it kills fungus and promotes restoration of healthy nails. 1 fl. oz. with brush.

Testimonial:  “I’ve tried so many things for my hideous nail infection & nothing did what it claimed to do until I tried Funginix!!! I use to wear closed in shoes, so ashamed of my black & yellow broken & cracked toenails, & now 3 months has passed & my natural nail has grown stronger than ever and a beautiful white nail to match!!!” – Lauren B.

Kill Nail Fungus on the Spot with Powerful Funginix® from Wise & Well

Proven fungus killer, Funginix®, combines the best antifungal agents, essential oils, and fungus-fighting extracts to restore your nails back to their beautiful and healthy state after only a few uses.

Men and women choose Funginix® for many reasons, including:

  • Its trusted reputation to kill nail fungus

  • A comprehensive ingredient list

  • A formula that starts working in a little as two weeks

  • A 100% money-back guarantee

  • And more!

Nail infections are never pretty and always seem to overstay their welcome — but not as long as Funginix® is around. Funginix® is a topical treatment best suited for those with mild to medium-high level fungal infections, providing fast and effective relief to even the worst nail infections.

How to Apply Funginix®

  1. Before you apply Funginix® and for the entire duration that it is on your nail, you’ll want to make sure hands and feet are clean and dry. If the affected nail is a toenail, consider wearing open-toed shoes every opportunity you can and carrying a towel to keep the area dry at all times.

  2. Funginix® should be applied twice daily — once in the morning before putting on socks and once at night before bedtime. However, gentle coats of Funginix® throughout the day will keep the solution strong and working well.

  3. For the actual application, take the brush applicator and work Funginix® deep into the nail bed. Then, use your finger or a cotton swab to rub the product into the cuticle as well.  

Wise & Well is dedicated to the health and well-being of our customers. If for any reason you are not 100% delighted in your Funginix® anti-fungal treatment we will gladly refund your purchase, no questions asked. Apply Funginix® today and start feeling, looking, and living better tomorrow.

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