Gel Toe Socks - B1937
Gel Toe Socks - B1937

Gel Toe Socks


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2225 - Item: Ankle High Gel Toe Socks

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PERFECT COMFORT WITH OR WITHOUT SHOES. These soft, comfy toe socks have a gel-lined heel that cushions your step and protects against blisters. Separate toes help eliminate chafing, corns and blisters while also helping to keep toes aligned. Washable nylon/spandex/TPE gel. One size fits most women. Imported.

Always Walk Comfortably with Gel Toe Socks

How often are you on your feet each day? No matter where you may travel or what shoes you wear along the way, our Gel Toe Socks will help to keep your heels and toes feeling comfortable. These soft socks feature a gel-lined heel, five separate toes, and washable fabric. Plus, one size fits most women!

Cushion Every Step

The heel of these protective socks is lined with TPE gel. This gel cradles your heel, offering extra cushioning for each step. It helps to protect against painful blisters and calluses, and it also works to moisturize your skin, leading to less cracking and flaking on your heels.

Keep Your Toes In the Right Position

In traditional socks, your toes can rub against each other, leading to corns, blisters, and chafing. The soft fabric of these Gel Toe Socks, on the hand, keep your toes apart while gently shifting them into proper alignment.

Designed for Every Shoe and Style

These Gel Toe Socks are available in two styles: footie and ankle-high. The no-show footie design is perfect for flats and heels. Your feet stay comfy while you still look stylish! The ankle-high socks, on the other hand, pair nicely with sneakers and loafers. This design offers cozy mid-calf compression, foot support, and toe protection.

How to Care for Your Gel Toe Socks

These Gel Toe Socks are made with washable nylon, spandex, and TPE gel. To help them stay in the best possible shape, we recommend washing them by hand.

Walk On with Oh-So-Comfy Gel Toe Socks

Whether you’re dealing with pinched-toe shoes or tired, achy feet, Gel Toe Socks are the ideal solution to make sure your feet feel fantastic. Order yours online today at Wise & Well!

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