Hear-Acle™ - C1759
Hear-Acle™ - C1759
Hear-Acle™ - C1759



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NEVER MISS ANOTHER CONVERSATION. The Hear-Acle™ Sound Amplifier increases the volume up to 35 decibels for crystal-clear hearing. Comfortable, lightweight design and small size make it practically invisible in your ear. Each battery provides up to 75 hours of continuous use. Adjustable volume control. Includes pocket carrying case. Uses one A10 button cell battery (included). Plastic. Replacement batteries available.

Enjoy Crystal-Clear Hearing with the Hear-Acle™ Sound Amplifier

Turn Up the Volume on Your Everyday Life!

Are you struggling to hear conversations? What if you could amplify the loudness of the world around you just as easily as you can turn up the volume on the TV? With the Hear-Acle™ Sound Amplifier, you can! This little device makes it easy to stop asking “What did you just say?” and start living your life.

Don’t Miss a Single Word

The Hear-Acle™ can increase sound up to 35 decibels, so you can enjoy incredible hearing at any time. Its tiny A10 button cell battery is included and offers up to 75 hours of continuous use. You can also buy four replacement batteries when you order yours now.

Small, Discreet, and Secure

The Hear-Acle™ is smaller than your fingertip, ultra-lightweight, and comes in a neutral color for a nearly invisible look. It would be easy to keep this little device a secret, but you won’t want to! Plus, when you aren’t using this sound amplifier, you can keep it in a secure carrying case that fits in your pocket.

The Hear-Acle™ Is Simple to Use

Just turn it on, place it snugly in your ear, and adjust the volume with the intuitive volume control bar. It even comes with three sizes of soft earbuds, so you can comfortably wear it all day long.

The Answer to Your Hearing Difficulty Is Loud and Clear!

You deserve better than a bulky, overpriced hearing aid. You deserve a hearing miracle. A Hear-Acle™! Buy this helpful device online at Wise & Well, where we always provide the best health and wellness solutions for our customers.

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