Incrediwear® Knee Sleeve - C1181
Incrediwear® Knee Sleeve - C1181

Incrediwear® Knee Sleeve



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PROVEN PAIN RELIEF FOR YOUR KNEES The Incrediwear® knee sleeve is made of a therapeutic fabric that dramatically increases blood flow to help reduce pain, swelling and stiffness. Feel the difference in less than 20 minutes. Snug fit means it won’t slip down or bunch up. Machine washable nylon/polyester/spandex infused with Germanium and Carbonized Charcoal. Imported. 

Testimonial: ”This is the very best brace I've ever used, and I have a drawer full! …I had to breakdown and purchase a cane. Then I saw this and thought it's worth a try. I am so glad I did. This does not bunch up behind the knee and when I got out of bed the next day, I had no pain. This is a blessing. Thank you!” -- Mary N.

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