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SERIOUS HELP FOR PAINFUL, ACHING SHOULDERS The Incrediwear® Shoulder Brace is designed to help ease pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis and more. Made of a therapeutic fabric that dramatically increases blood flow to help reduce pain and swelling, and accelerate recovery. Slim, flexible design lets you go about your daily activities. Fits either shoulder. Machine washable nylon/polyester/spandex infused with Germanium and Carbonized Charcoal. Measure circumference of bicep.

Incredible Results with the Incrediwear® Shoulder Brace from Wise & Well

Over the years a lot has changed in the realm of shoulder support and treatment options. Today, shoulder brace support systems offer more than just protection from further injury and include many other features as well. If you’re tired of the aches, pains, and stiffness in your shoulders, it may be time to give a shoulder brace a try, and we have just the product for you.

The Incrediwear® Shoulder Brace from Wise & Well is made of a unique therapeutic material that dramatically increases blood flow while simultaneously accelerating injury recovery. Whether you are suffering from acute shoulder pain (a minor injury) or battling chronic shoulder pain in the form of arthritis, the Incrediwear® Shoulder Brace will have you feeling better in no time!

Incrediwear® Shoulder Brace Best Uses

If you are unsure if the Incrediwear® Shoulder Brace is right for your specific situation, take a look at its best uses, and then you can decide.


The Incrediwear® Shoulder Brace is excellent at helping to treat varying forms of shoulder arthritis. Pair the brace with a few sessions of physical therapy a week, and you’ll be on your way to a more comfortable life.


Tendonitis is common in people over the age of 40, and it is mainly due to overuse of the shoulder. By wearing the Incrediwear® Shoulder Brace and applying a little ice daily, you can start feeling relief.

Exercise Injury

Whether you are experiencing frozen shoulder, a rotator cuff tear, shoulder bursitis, or shoulder instability, the Incrediwear® Shoulder Brace helps accelerate the recovery of these exercise injuries and more!

No matter what, we recommend that you consult with your doctor. Feel better, look better, and live better with the Incrediwear® Shoulder Brace from Wise & Well today.

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