Ionic Whisper - E1343
Ionic Whisper - E1343

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ENJOY CLEANER, FRESHER AIR The Bell & Howell® Ionic Whisper uses negative ion technology to quickly remove airborne pollutants, odors and fumes, leaving you with fresher, cleaner, healthier air. The built-in filter removes pet dander, pollen and other allergens. 2 speeds: Whisper Silent™ and Turbo. Permanent filter easily rinses clean and never needs replacing. Includes AC adapter. 12”H.

Online Air Filtration Device for Cleaner, Fresher Air After Every Use

According to a survey conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. It almost goes without saying, then, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to ensure the air you are breathing is clean and healthy!

And while there are many air purifiers and allergen-removing systems for sale on the market today, there aren’t any quite like the Bell & Howell® Ionic Whisper from Wise & Well.

When you purchase our air filtration device online, you can enjoy its many benefits including, but not limited to, a built-in filter, negative ion technology to quickly remove air pollutants, easy-to-clean parts, and low noise levels. The Ionic Whisper allergen-removing air purifier and ionizer is ready to go with a simple press of a button. Start enjoying fresher, cleaner air with an air filtration device from Wise & Well, which you can conveniently order online.

How Does the Ionic Whisper Air Purifier and Ionizer Work?

The Ionic Whisper allergen-removing air purifier and ionizer from Wise & Well purifies the air inside your home by filtering particles from circulating air. It uses tiny, charged wires to create gas molecules containing negative charges that will adhere to any airborne particle, which will then be collected in the filter.  

The Wise & Well Promise

With every online purchase, Wise & Well promises your utmost satisfaction or your money back. Every product available in our shop has been carefully selected to suit the needs of Wise & Well’s growing population of customers. It’s our goal to not only have you feeling better, but looking and living better too. Start by cleaning your home’s air and breathing easier by purchasing our allergen-removing air purifier and ionizer for sale today.

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