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MAGNETIC RELIEF FOR YOUR ACHING BACK.  Aching lower back? Recapture your body's natural vitality with the magnetic Waist Belt. 24 individual magnetic energy points send relief directly to your aches and pains. Breathable elastic supports the back with light compression. Fits discreetly under clothing. Hook-and-loop closure for adjustable fit. Washable nylon/rayon/polyester/elastic.

Help Relieve Your Back’s Aches and Pains with the Magnetic Waist Belt

This unique belt includes 24 magnets sewn into breathable elastic. It provides abdominal and lower back support. Wearing the belt can help enhance blood circulation and help relieve muscular pain and soreness. The multi-panel knit elastic material makes the belt breathable, while it reduces pressure on the lower back and produces a slimming appearance when worn underneath clothing. It is ideal for people who lift and move heavy objects, or who need abdominal support after an operation or childbirth.

Available In Your Size

Our Magnetic Waist Belts are available in 4 sizes, which can comfortably fit waist circumferences from 27” to 53”. Additionally, each belt comes with a hook-and-loop closure to ensure that you enjoy the perfect fit for your body.

Find Relief for Your Back Pain

Magnetic Waist Belts have been hugely beneficial for many people suffering from back pain and other physical aches. Before you pursue a new treatment, however, it’s important that you talk to your doctor.

You don’t have to live with back pain. If you would like to find out more about the Magnetic Waist Belt, available online at Wise & Well, call us today!

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