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CUT PILLS SAFELY AND EASILY This unique pill cutter has a special curved blade that slices, rather than chops pills, reducing crumbling and waste. Self-retracting Safe-T-Blade protects fingers as it cleanly slices your pill in half. 18 unique pill-shaped cavities accommodate all shapes and sizes. Includes a pill catch cup for fast, easy retrieval after slicing. BPA-free plastic. 4" W x 1¾" H.

Cut Pills Safely and Easily with the Medifacx® PRORX Disc Pill Cutter

Pill cutting, sometimes called pill splitting, is a fairly common practice and cost-saving solution that could change the way you take your medications. After you’ve talked to your doctor or pharmacist to see if your specific medications qualify to be split, the next step is to buy the Medifacx® PRORX Disc Pill Cutter from Wise & Well.

The Medifacx® PRORX Disc Pill Cutter is a unique pill cutting device that allows you to safely and conveniently cut your medication in half, right in the comfort of your own home. Attempting to cut your medication without a safe pill cutting apparatus can be very dangerous. Healthcare providers around the nation recommend that if patients are interested in cutting their pills, to invest in a multi-functional pill cutting system like the Medifacx® PRORX Disc Pill Cutter. Again, pill splitting is not for everyone. Talk with your doctor to see if it’s right for you and the medicines that you are prescribed.

The Benefits of a Pill Cutter

If you are new to the idea of splitting your pills, let us explain how investing in a Medifacx® PRORX Disc Pill Cutter can help you.

Say you have a prescription but are not required to take the full amount. Attempting to cut your pills in half with a regular knife can not only be dangerous, but can chop up your pills unevenly, causing crumbling and increasing waste.

The Medifacx® PRORX Disc Pill Cutter features a specially curved blade that gives a clean slice on most pills with no mess or leftover pieces afterward. What’s more, the Medifacx® PRORX Disc Pill Cutter has 18 cavities to accommodate tablets of all different shapes and sizes.

Talk to your doctor and order the Wise & Well Medifacx® PRORX Disc Pill Cutter today.

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