Nordic Walking Poles - F1821
Nordic Walking Poles - F1821
Nordic Walking Poles - F1821

Nordic Walking Poles


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AN EASY, FULL BODY WORKOUT. Burn calories up to 45% faster with these lightweight, aluminum walking poles. Swinging the poles as you walk works your arms, shoulders and back muscles, and increases your heart rate. Anti-shock suspension helps relieve stress on your joints. Height adjusts from 31” to 53”. Includes rubber tip for regular terrain, carbide tip for off road/icy terrain and walking heel for maximum traction. Adjustable wrist strap.

Burn More Calories with Nordic Walking Poles

You wake up one morning to a cool, yet gorgeous day in early winter. You take a step outside onto your front lawn, breathe in the fresh, clean air, and decide that you can’t bring yourself to stay in this weekend. You have to go for a walk and enjoy the day, at least for a little while.

However, the grass outside is still crisp and moist from the previous night’s frost, and you’re not sure if you’ll be able to walk on it safely without slipping. Further, although the sunny, cold air feels pleasant on your face, you know that it’s going to make your joints ache within a short time.

Luckily, though, you suddenly remember your Nordic Walking Poles.

About the Nordic Walking Poles

The Nordic Walking Poles are lightweight, aluminum walking poles that are perfect to bring along on seasonal outings. With an adjustable length spanning 31” to 53”, the Nordic Walking Poles are suited for users of any height. They come with rubber tips for regular terrain as well as metal carbide tips, making them highly useful when it comes to navigating icy terrain and off-road areas by allowing the user to dig into ice and gravel and lean on the poles for support.

Furthermore, the Nordic Walking Poles are excellent for improving your health. By swinging the poles as you walk, you can work the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and back, while simultaneously increasing your heart rate for a full body cardio exercise. Our Nordic Walking Poles even come with anti-shock suspension, helping to relieve any stress on your joints.

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