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CRADLE YOUR HEAD IN AN OASIS OF COMFORT This contoured pillow gently cradles your head while maintaining the natural curvature of your head, neck and spine. Orthopedic design keeps your alignment throughout the night to help relieve muscle stress and discomfort, headaches, joint strain, neck pain and arthritis. For back and side sleepers. 23-1/2”W x 15-1/2”L x 4.9”H

Get Your Orthopedic Pillow Online

You’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. Of course, it happens to all of us, but the real causes underlying a chronic lack of sleep can vary widely. Frequently, however, the culprit behind our elusive sleep is a simple lack of a comfortable pillow.

As you are looking for an orthopedic pillow online or otherwise any other contoured pillow for sale, you may want to check out Wise & Well’s OrthoFiber 2.0 Pillow.

Benefits of the OrthoFiber 2.0 Pillow

When its comes to your health and wellness, it’s tough to do better than Wise & Well’s OrthoFiber 2.0 Pillow.

The OrthoFiber 2.0 sports a number of advantages. Because of its cradle-like shape, the  OrthoFiber 2.0 provides a neutral space for your head and neck to rest. Conventional pillows tend to have a ‘bulge’ in the center, which can sometimes place strain on the neck, causing stiffness upon awakening in the morning. The OrthoFiber 2.0 Pillow avoids this problem due its curved shaped.

Because it is not made from polyester fiber clusters rather than the more conventional cotton or wool, the OrthoFiber 2.0 Pillow will also be free from dust mites. Dust mites are, unfortunately, found in most mattresses and pillows. Though they are invisible to the naked eye, exposure to dust mites often produces symptoms such as itchy eyes, rashes, and runny noses. However, because dust mites only feed on materials such as wool and cotton, they are not found in orthopedic pillows, giving you a good reason to consider getting an orthopedic pillow online.  

Ultimately, the bottom-line benefit of buying an orthopedic pillow online through Wise & Well is that it can make one’s sleep more comfortable.

Looking for a contoured pillow for sale, or an orthopedic pillow online? Call Wise & Well today at 1-800-484-0288.

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