Pelvic Back Pain Belt - C1254
Pelvic Back Pain Belt - C1254

Pelvic Back Pain Belt



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DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR LOWER BACK PAIN This easy to wear belt provides support and stability to the sacroiliac area, easing pain in the lower back and pelvic area. Wraparound design has dual straps with hook and loop closures that adjust for custom fit and the perfect amount of compression. For women and men. Washable neoprene blend. Imported.

Size Fits
Small/Medium fits hips 32" to 42"
Large fits hips 43" to 53"

Soothe Your Lower Back Pain with the Pelvic Back Pain Belt

Did you know that 31 million Americans experience lower back pain at any given time? In fact, experts have estimated that 80% of the population will experience back problems at some point in their lives.

Fortunately, compression devices like the Pelvic Back Pain Belt can ease away your unwanted aches and help you enjoy a life without lower back pain!

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

The large muscles around our spine are used for so many daily activities: sitting, walking, standing, and running are just a few. When they aren’t in perfect shape, we notice. Lower back pain may be the result of a sports injury, an accident, poor posture, or even an ailment. Not all of these issues are fully solvable with modern medicine, and even short-term problems will need time to heal. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get relief in the meantime.

How Can Compression Help?

Compression devices offer added support to the intricate structures of the lower back. These devices work to stabilize and protect your spine and muscles as they recover from an accident, injury, or strain. They allow your lower back to safely recuperate by minimizing the amount of stress that the back experiences during normal daily activities.

Try the Pelvic Back Pain Belt!

The Pelvic Back Pain Belt supports and stabilizes your sacroiliac (pelvic) area to provide immediate pain relief. This high-quality wrap-around compression belt uses dual straps with hook-and-loop closures to fit your body perfectly and offer exactly the right amount of compression. It is lightweight, comfortable, and can be worn on top or underneath of your everyday clothing.

Stop struggling with life-limiting lower back pain, and embrace the snug support of the Pelvic Back Pain Belt, available online at Wise & Well!

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