PT Bedcane - F1220
PT Bedcane - F1220

PT Bedcane



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PT Bedcane

Do you need help getting in and out of bed in the morning? A PT Bedcane from Wise & Well not only provides users with an extra hand in bed, but also allows users to be independent. Whether you are recovering from surgery or just need a little extra support, the mobility assistance benefits of PT Bedcane cannot be understated. The PT Bedcane from Wise & Well installs in minutes and requires no tools to set up. Its sturdy steel frame can support up to 300 lbs, and also comes with a handy organizer pouch which is perfect for the storage of books, magazines, remote controls, television guides, cell phones, and so much more. 

Product Features

    Ergonomic Safety Handle

    Handy Organizer Pouch

    Height Adjustments (mattress base to top of handle) 19.25” to 25.25”

    Compact and Portable for Traveling

    Low Profile Contemporary Design

    Fits 10” to 17” Mattresses 

You don’t have to struggle one more day getting in and out of bed when you have a PT Bedcane from Wise & Well.  

How to Install a PT Bedcane

A PT Bedcane is an extremely easy to use device that you will wonder why you haven’t purchased one before now!  

To install, place the PT Bedcane’s horizontal support bars between your mattress and box spring. Then, go underneath the mattress and secure the Bedcane’s safety strap to the opposite side of the bed. Lastly, you need to adjust the Bedcane’s handle height according to the size and thickness of your mattress. Wise & Well recommends that an able-bodied individual to first test out the newly installed PT Bedcane before it’s primary user. This will ensure the product was correctly installed and users can transfer safely in and out of bed with ease. 

Will the PT Bedcane Work With My Bed?

The PT Bedcane from Wise & Well works well with any type of bed from California kings to a small twin size hospital bed. Our PT Bedcanes will also work with most platform beds as long as they follow these specifications:

    Slats run lengthwise from top to bottom

    Slats that run horizontally must not have gaps that exceed 5” 

Please be aware, though, that if your bed is a light foam mattress, does not have a box spring, or is unconventional in any way to call a Wise & Well customer service rep before purchase. These types of beds have not been tested with a PT Bedcane and the safety of our customers is our number one priority. 

Wise & Well is committed to providing only the best products and mobility solutions for those that need them the most. After you purchase a PT Bedcane from us, you will wonder how you ever lived without one before. Live well, live good, and live independently, with Wise & Well by your side.

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