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B/O 2-3 Weeks


SLEEP WEDGE HELPS RELIEVE HEARTBURN AND BREATHING DIFFICULTIES. Sleeping in an elevated position can help reduce symptoms of acid reflux, GERD and heartburn, as well as breathing problems and sinus pressure. The gradual incline of this 5” quilted wedge supports your head and upper body in a gently angled position. This wedge’s gentle slope from 5” to 1” allows it to fit easily under your sheet too. 100% polyurethane foam. Quilted poly/cotton cover zips off for machine washing. 32”x26”.

Sleep Easier with the Quilted Bed Wedge

Stop tossing and turning! It’s time to get a better night’s sleep with the Quilted Bed Wedge. Falling asleep in a slightly elevated position can help to ease pressure on your muscles and promote airflow to your lungs. It is an ideal choice if a good night’s sleep always seems just out of reach.

Can You Enjoy a More Restful Night with a Quilted Bed Wedge?

Sleeping in a gently elevated position may be a good choice if you are dealing with:

  • Acid reflux & heartburn

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

  • Sleep apnea & snoring

  • Colds & sinus infections

  • Unwanted back pain

The Quilted Bed Wedge is also a safe, affordable option for individuals who are recovering from an operation. The extra elevation helps to maintain regular circulation of the blood and relieve tension from the knees and neck. If you are expecting a lengthy post-operative care process, then we recommend investing in one wedge pillow for your upper body and a second to place under your knees.

How Does This Comfortable Bed Wedge Work?

The Quilted Bed Wedge gently slopes from 1 inch to 5 inches in height. This gradual incline ensures that it can fit under your sheets and that it will gently support your head and upper body. This bed wedge is made with 100% polyurethane foam, so you will feel comfy and cozy all night long. It also features a quilted poly/cotton cover that zips off for easy machine washing.

Get Your Eight Hours with the Quilted Bed Wedge

Order the comfy and supportive Quilted Bed Wedge from Wise & Well online today!

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