Renew™ Eyebrow Revitalizer - C1320
Renew™ Eyebrow Revitalizer - C1320

Renew™ Eyebrow Revitalizer



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HELP FOR THINNING BROWS Clogged eyebrow follicles often result in hair growth being slowed down or sometimes even completely stopped. This highly concentrated serum gently cleanses and dissolves dead skin cells to encourage new growth. Simply brush on twice a day and start seeing fuller, thicker brows in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic. .33 fl. oz.

Restore Your Bold, Beautiful Brows with Renew™ Eyebrow Revitalizer

Are your eyebrows over-tweezed, patchy, or too thin? Put down your eyebrow pencil! Instead, treat your brows to Renew™ Eyebrow Revitalizer. This hypoallergenic formula is crafted with natural oils, minerals, and organic extracts that are designed to help restore your healthy, lustrous eyebrows.

You Can Grow Back Your Brows

There are many reasons why your brows may not be growing in fully. Too much plucking or waxing can scar the roots of your hair. Facial creams can clog your pores and prevent growth. A hormonal deficiency can lead to sparseness. Renew™ Eyebrow Revitalizer can help address these issues and give you the beautiful brows that you desire.

How Does This Natural Formula Work?

The Renew™ Eyebrow Revitalizer serum combines botanical extracts that will cleanse your pores, purge dead skin cells, and encourage new hair growth. Its carefully-designed blend includes ingredients such as:

  • Sesame Oil: Heals your skin to support better growth

  • Lemon Extract: Dissolves dead skin cells that clog the pores

  • Rosemary Oil: Strengthens the roots of your hair

  • Niacin: Increases the thickness and fullness of hair

  • Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis: Nourishes hair follicles to prevent breakage

How Can You Beautify Your Brows?

Applying Renew™ Eyebrow Revitalizer is as easy as a flick of the wand — the applicator wand, that is! First, wash your face. Next, brush this formula across your eyebrows in the morning and the evening. If you apply other creams to your face, wait for a few minutes, until the Renew™ Eyebrow Revitalizer is fully absorbed into the brow area.

Use this natural formula for just four to six weeks, and you can expect to see fuller, more distinctive eyebrows. Are you ready to bring back your gorgeous brows? Buy the Renew™ Eyebrow Revitalizer online at Wise & Well!

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