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PROTECT YOUR HOME FROM INTRUDERS Keep intruders from opening windows and sliding doors with these easy-to-use security bars. They’re virtually immovable when locked into place. Simply twist to unlock. 22-gauge white powder-coated steel. Soft rubber end caps. 1.25” diameter. Sliding door bar adjusts from 27” to 50” L. Window bar adjusts from 17” to 30”L.

Protect What Matters Most with Security Bars

One of the most unsettling feelings is the thought of someone breaking into your home. While there are many technology-based home security products on the market, sometimes the safest home security options are those that are simple yet effective.

Security bars have been an inexpensive form of home security for many years. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, having durable and strong security bars can be what stands between your valuable property and an unwanted guest.

Who Benefits from a Security Bar?

If you live in a fairly safe neighborhood, then it’s likely that you never had a reason to evaluate your home’s security. However, security bars can benefit anyone looking to protect their home better. They are especially ideal for people who have:

  • Ground-level or basement windows

  • High neighborhood burglary rates

  • Doors or windows that won’t lock

Even if the above situations do not apply to you directly, adding security bars to your home can add another level of protection to keep your family safe.

How Do Security Bars Work?

Our security bars are made from strong steel that is virtually immovable once installed and locked in place. To use your security bars, simply twist to unlock, insert into the window or sliding door, and lock into place. With soft rubber end caps, you don't have to worry about your bars ruining the paint surrounding your windows or doors.

Affordable Home Security from Wise & Well

In today’s world of technology and fancy devices, protecting your home from intruders can be very expensive—but with security bars from Wise & Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. These bars act as a strong physical deterrent from home invaders that is effective and reasonably priced. Protect your home by ordering your security bars online today at Wise & Well!

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