Smartheart™ Arm BP Monitor - C1342
Smartheart™ Arm BP Monitor - C1342

Smartheart™ Arm BP Monitor



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FASTER, MORE COMFORTABLE BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR This fast inflating monitor gives you clinically accurate results in less than a minute! Fully automatic inflation and deflation provides you with systolic, diastolic and pulse readings. Also indicates hypertension and irregular heartbeat. 2-person memory bank holds 120 readings. Date/time stamp, back light and Auto shut-off. Fits arm size 8.6” to 12.5.” Uses 4 AAA batteries (included).

Regain Your Independence with the Smartheart™ Arm BP Monitor

For many of us, keeping close tabs on our blood pressure (BP) is vital to maintaining our health and safety. Frequently, though, individuals with high blood pressure often assume that watching their BP requires regular appointments and visits to their local physician to have their blood pressure taken.

The truth is, though, that while checking in with your healthcare professional now and then is important, there are ways to effectively and accurately track your blood pressure by yourself from the comfort of your home. With the Smartheart™ Arm BP Monitor from Wise & Well, you can save time and regain your independence by learning how to monitor your blood pressure on your own.

Monitor Your BP from the Comfort of Your Home

The Smartheart™ Arm BP Monitor couldn’t be easier and more comfortable to use. In less than one minute, this fast-inflating monitor gives you clinically accurate results without requiring you to visit a clinician. In fact, the Smartheart™ Arm BP Monitor comes with fully automatic inflation and deflation to provide you with systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings, while also alerting you to high blood pressure/hypertension and irregular heartbeat patterns.

Fitting all arm sizes from 8.6” to 12.5”, the Smartheart™ Arm BP Monitor contains a 2-person memory bank that can hold up to 120 readings, allowing you to carefully keep track of your readings over long time periods and to share your results with your doctor during visits.

The device also comes with a date/time stamp, an auto shut-off feature, and backlight, and is powered by four AAA batteries that come included.

Take Back Your Life Today

Buy yours online today and discover how the Smartheart™ Arm BP Monitor can revolutionize how you deal with your blood pressure!

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