Stedi Pedi™ - C1995
Stedi Pedi™ - C1995

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1995 - Item: Stedi Pedi

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FOOTCARE MADE EASY. Easily trim your nails or treat yourself to a pedicure at home. The Stedi Pedi™ provides a stable platform to perfectly position your foot, making it easy to reach without awkward bending or balancing. Just slide it under a mattress or chair cushion; your body weight holds it in place. LED light uses 3 AA batteries (not included). 12"x8.5"x1.5" closed.

Get a Perfect Home Pedicure with the Stedi Pedi™

Goodbye, pricey pedicures! You don’t need to visit the salon anymore when you buy the Stedi Pedi™. This clever gadget slides under your mattress or chair cushion, and your body weight holds it in place, offering you a steady and perfectly angled platform for your foot. With the Stedi Pedi™, you can clip, file, or paint your nails without bending or stretching.

Enjoy the Perfect Pedicure Anywhere

The Stedi Pedi™ turns your couch, mattress, bench, or floor into a pedicure chair! You can store your polishes and beauty supplies on the sides, pull out the drip tray to catch any unwanted mess, and flip on its small LED light for better visibility. With this portable pedicure station, you’ll save time and money while receiving a beautiful result every time.

How Does the Stedi Pedi™ Work?

  1. Press the release button to open up the Stedi Pedi™

  2. Lift the foot pad until it snaps into place

  3. Slide the Stedi Pedi™ under your couch or mattress until you reach the “Insert Here” line

You also have the option to place a folded towel or cushion on the back portion of the Stedi Pedi™, sit on top of it, and give yourself a fantastic pedicure on your floor.

The Stedi Pedi™ Is a Wonderful Gift

Would someone in your life love a Stedi Pedi™? This gadget is a great gift for:

  • Mother’s Day

  • Bridal Showers

  • College Graduations

  • Birthday Celebrations

Anyone who enjoys taking care of their toenails but doesn’t like stretching and straining to do it will be happy to receive this handy little present. You can order the Stedi Pedi™ online today at Wise & Well!

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