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SAFE, EFFECTIVE RELIEF FOR FOOT PAIN Topricin® Foot Therapy Cream reduces swelling, stiffness, numbness, tingling and burning pain in your feet. Patented for the topical treatment of neuropathy, it penetrates skin like a moisturizer to drain toxins and fluids and improve blood flow. Also effective for leg cramps, gout, plantar fasciitis and more. Simply rub it in! Doctor recommended. 4 oz. 

Testimonial: “This is amazing cream. I have nerve damage in my feet. They have hurt for the last ten years. With this cream on them twice a day I actually feel like I have real feet again.” – B. Lowery

Melt Your Foot Pain Away with Topricin® Foot Pain Relief Cream

Help improve blood flow, drain toxins, and finally get that pain relief you’ve been looking for with Topricin® Foot Pain Relief Cream. Doctor recommended Topricin® Foot Pain Relief Cream is a safe, effective, and gentle moisturizing treatment that helps heal everything from leg cramps to nerve pain, and the cracking of the skin. Topricin® Foot Pain Relief Cream not only facilitates the healing of various injuries and pain symptoms, but can also be used as a topical preventative measure. Whatever is bothering your feet, whether it is nerve pain, swelling or heel and arch pain, Topricin® Foot Pain Relief Cream will help you feel better in no time!

Product Details

  • Homeopathic medicine manufactured in the USA under the highest quality standards

  • Safe for adults, diabetics, pregnant/nursing women, and children (those under two years of age should consult with a physician before using)

  • Non-greasy and non-staining

  • No odor, fragrance, parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, capsaicin or menthol

  • Store at room temperature and keep lid tight at all times

Applications and Uses

For best results, Topricin® Foot Pain Relief Cream should be generously applied three to four times a day to the affected area before bedtime and first thing in the morning. Always massage the product into the skin until it is fully absorbed.

Some key uses of Topricin® Foot Pain Relief Cream are as follows:

  • Pain & inflammation relief

  • Nerve pain and burning sensations in the feet

  • Bunion soreness

  • Gout (big toe pain)

  • And more!

Your feet deserve a little relief. Order Topricin® Foot Pain Relief Cream online today.

**Health Disclaimer**

Always consult with your primary physician before starting any type of medical treatment. If your pain or swelling lasts longer than three days, you may need further treatment and should consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis. Always follow the instructions on the label and never substitute over the counter medicines for professional medical help.

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