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LASTING PAIN RELIEF A safe alternative to opioid-based pain relief medicines, Topricin® is scientifically engineered to actually treat, not mask, pain associated with back and muscle pain, arthritis and joint pain. Contains 11 natural bio-medicines, including arnica, echinacea and calendula. Just rub it in – the rapidly absorbed cream provides lasting pain relief. 4 oz.

Testimonial:  "The first morning after beginning with the cream I woke after about 6 hours of unbroken sleep, with no pain and no stiffness. This is a miracle!!!! I had completely forgotten how this felt, after more than 30 years of unrefreshing sleep and relentless pain. Since then I have had many wonderful sleeps, with only 4 nights where I was up and down. What a difference this is making!” -- Jeanette

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