Verseo® Detox Foot Patches - C1326
Verseo® Detox Foot Patches - C1326

Verseo® Detox Foot Patches


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DETOX YOUR BODY WHILE YOU SLEEP! Verseo® Detox Foot Patches contain a blend of natural ingredients to promote natural detoxification and enhance your body’s health. They remove toxins while you sleep, providing an effective external cleansing experience that may help provide temporary relief from aches and pain, increase energy, reduce stress, enhance mental focus and concentration, soothe headaches and more. 

Testimonial: “I have bone spurs on my feet and an old injury that flares up because of arthritis. I use these foot pads at night after a busy day on my feet. I helps to remove toxins. In the morning, there is a definite difference and I can walk easier.” – Natalie A

All-Natural Foot Patches for Detoxification

Verseo® foot patches for detoxification are designed to help remove harmful toxins from the body and help wearers enjoy a deep, relaxing sleep. Let’s take a look at why and how they help in detoxification:

Why Wear Foot Patches for Detoxification?

You can wear these detoxifying patches on any part of the body, but we recommend that you attached them to the soles of your feet. Traditional Chinese medicine states that the soles of the feet have 60 reflexology meridian points, which reflect each of our vital organs. Toxins move away from your organs and settle in these points. As a result, many people use specialized foot patches to cleanse their body of these unwanted toxins.

Made with Natural and Traditional Ingredients

Verseo® detoxifying foot patches for sale online at Wise & Well are made with all-natural ingredients, including tourmaline and wood vinegar essence. Tourmaline, a mineral found in Brazil’s rainforests, is said to generate negative ions and improve circulation throughout the body. Additionally, Chinese villages have used wood vinegar essence as a potent salve for thousands of years.

Used to Promote Health

While individual results may vary, all-natural foot patches for detoxification are believed to help provide several health benefits:

  • Relieving stress

  • Improving circulation

  • Increasing overall energy

  • Soothing aches and pains

  • Easing headaches

  • Enhancing mental focus

You can easily purchase these detoxifying foot patches from Verseo®, for sale online at Wise & Well, and cleanse your body of toxins while you peacefully sleep!

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